Insulclad is a cavity-based, crack resistant exterior plaster cladding system that provides a fully drained and ventilated weatherproof barrier for residential and commercial construction. Developed specifically to meet the harsh requirements of New Zealand's coastal environment, the cavity behind Insulclad provides an additional safeguard to ensure any moisture that may penetrate the exterior envelope is able to escape unimpeded.

Insulclad uses 40mm or 60mm expanded polystyrene sheets as a backing framework. The polystyrene sheets are fixed directly to the exterior framing over the surface of a 20mm cavity and are then reinforced with fibreglass mesh that is embedded in Insulclad Plaster. Once the mesh coat has dried, it is covered in a decorative finishing plaster of the owner’s choice.

System Guarantee Period - 15 Years from date of practical completion
Workmanship Guarantee Period - 5 Years from date of practical completion

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